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The Riyo Mission

We want you and your business to feel empowered to offer your customers exactly what they need, whenever they want it. We want you to run scheduled bookings right alongside on-demand, adapting to changes and trends in the market. Perhaps most of all, we want you to maximise your income by making the most of available resources and reap the benefits a truly effective BDP system can offer your business.

“We want all this because a connected community is better for everyone – your success is our success. Let’s grow together.”


In 2014, founder and software engineer Adam fell in love with Tesla Motors – not just the cars, but the entire innovative nature of the company. He wanted one; he needed his own piece of real-life inspiration. This passion drove him to set up the first electric car hire business in Australia – Electric Ride – just so he could make his dream come true of owning a Tesla Model S.

With a driver running the hire company on weekdays, this left the weekend free for Adam to drive his pride and joy. But the software engineer within wasn’t satisfied – he didn’t want to rely on anyone else for on-demand bookings.

So he set about creating his own system. Before too long, a brand new software platform began to emerge, one that could deftly handle the entire process of booking, dispatch and payment.

Realising he was onto something even bigger, Adam put the finishing touches to v1 of the platform so that it could handle almost any type of service-based business. He then set to work assembling an experienced executive team to help him take the offering to market. Riyo was born.

Adam Kundrat


Dean Stockwell


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