Give your business the innovation it deserves



Enable on-demand to fill up available slots within your schedule and let our intelligent system propose alternatives to maximise the efficiency of your scheduling.


Give customers the power of choice - book now or later. Our fully interactive booking process offers greater transparency.


Allocate resources with ample time to reach their next job, taking traffic conditions into full consideration.


Automatically find available resources by area and select appropriate ones based on skills, reviews and acceptance rates.



Make calling up and waiting for confirmation a thing of the past - provide a seamless booking experience with immediate response times.


Gain a real-time view of where resources are booked and when they’ll be available - enjoy fully automated allocation and dispatch management.


Configure the system exactly how you like - choose from best reviewed, closest or best performing.


Dynamically switch resources from scheduled to on-demand mode when unexpected availability arises (e.g. a cancellation or early finish)



Take transactions to the next level with fully automated credit card and payout processes.


Forget all about running complex payout cycles - everything is fully integrated and PCI-compliant.


Receive incoming shared payments simultaneously and send automatic commissions to referral partners.

More about the platform that powers it all

Dynamically adapt

On-demand or scheduled means ultimate flexibility. Configure the system to make smart decisions and create time (e.g. from cancelled bookings) to improve efficiency. Let true automation and intelligence work to your advantage.

Increase your revenue

Gain access to new customers and untapped areas, fill the availability gaps in your schedules and switch resources to take instant bookings. Offer promotions to your customers when capacity allows.

Give customers control

Offer real convenience with a simplified, intuitive process, increase engagement and trust with every transaction and provide two-way communication and engagement.intelligence work to your advantage.

Reduce your expenses

Reduce call centre costs and other communication overheads, re-focus staff on pro-active matters that fuel your growth and save time and money.

Whatever works for you

Designed to scale and adapt as your business grows. Suits businesses big or small across all service industries - get up and running in a matter of days, if not hours.

Manage your partnerships

Gain a full overview of your partners’ performances and give them the ability to self-onboard and manage their own team. Control abilities, curate reviews and set acceptance rates.

Leading-edge technology

Available via multiple channels - iOS, Android and web app - our platform is fully scalable, multi-tenant and highly redundant. It also offers incredibly fast and secure payments.

Stay completely unique

Keep your branding front and centre at all times. The iOS source code is available for you to modify the app for your business, and we provide webhooks for you integrate with existing systems.

Professional help

With continuous round-the-clock support, our team of experts will get you started and boost your growth. You can also access a free sandbox environment for testing before going live.

You'll be up and running in no time at all

Getting started couldn't be quicker or easier.

Simply add a button to your website and begin providing a better way of booking services immediately. There's no need to remove any of your existing systems - Riyo works in harmony with your business. Minimum fuss, maximum reward.

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